Vonehrlich Kennels | Vasall v Kirschental ‘A’Z’ BSC.1, C.D.X (imp Gmy)
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Vasall v Kirschental ‘A’Z’ BSC.1, C.D.X (imp Gmy)

Sire  – Sieger Uran v Wildsteiger Land Sch H111 FH

Dam – 
Xitta v Kirschental Sch H111 HGH IP3 FH


Vasall vom Kirschental
by Kylie Bruno (reprinted from the GSDCQLD Fidelity)

Vasall, not only was by the repeat mating of the World Sieger and top producing Eiko v Kirschental, but also came from the highly successful litter which also produced Vopo, Valand and Valli. In fact, Valli v Kirschental is the Grandmother of the multiple VA dog Cash v Wildsteiger Land. To say that Vasall was a “well bred dog” would be a large understatement, his influence over the breed in Australia is extremely well documented and you will see him appear in the pedigrees of Australia’s best.


Vasall coming from the Kirschental kennels also had the very correct working temperament and this was passed on to many of his offspring.

When Vasall first arrived in Australia, it was to a rather ‘lukewarm’ response from breeders. However, within a short time frame, Vasall became quite a valuable dog to a lot of us in Australia and in particular Queensland. In reflection, one of Vasall’s greatest supporters was the late Sam Bonafacio – it is a shame Sam isn’t around today to see what a vast influence he really has had.


Another large supporter of Vasall was Karen Ballantyne from Victoria, who used him 3 times to produce the highly successful Denargun Flying Colours and Denargun Thin Lizzy. These two bitches have continued to produced animals of superior quality and type and have helped Denargun win numerous Breeders Group Awards. Just to name a few of their quality offspring – Denargun Blue Print, Denargun Moseying  Along, Denargun Silhouette and Denargun Schemozzle. It is amazing that you can still see such a large influence of Vasall in these animals. It is a true indication of a quality pre-potent bloodline.


Also in Melbourne, the beautiful Gold Medalist San Rancho Cinnamon, a Vasall Granddaughter by Iniff Vagrant (linebred on Vasall). Cinnamon is now producing extremely well with a very nice excellent graded Jasso vd Rottenmatter daughter and 2 beautiful young bitches by Iwan v Lechtal. Again, Vassall’s daughter dominance is proven with the superior type and firmness.


In Queensland, Vasall’s influence is quite outstanding being the grandfather of both Astasia Lola (linebred on Vasall), who is the mother of Astasia Yana – Gold Medalist (who has gone onto produce the beautiful A.O.C *Flicona Lollipop), Yola, Yarra, Dolly, Hedy , Tiffany, Taylor and Tily and also Astasia Piah, who is the mother of Astasia’s Excess, Carson, Clay, Kerrie and Kansas.


There is also the Excellent graded Sherhaven Yasmin and Sherhaven Party Girl.


Also, Vonehrlich produced the beautiful Vonehrlich Gina, by Vasall, who produced the Bronze Medalist Vonehrlich Pascha, who in turn produced the very lovely Vonehrlich Elke, Puppy Bitch winner and Reserve Challenge Bitch at the 1995 Queensland National, who, unfortunately was never shown to her true potential, due to an untimely death. Vonehrlich also have the Excellent graded Vasall son, Kantenna Vegas.


It is clear that Vasall’s influence has been amazing and will carry on for many years due to his top producing daughters and being the Grandfather of Gold Medalist and Australian Sieger Iniff Vagrant.


Vasall’s descendents possess his dryness and firmness, clean lines, long running bones, beautiful head structures with dark eyes, superior character and workmanlike nature

Pedigree of: Vasall v Kirschental

Sex: M

Reg No. SZ1647501

Date of Birth: 9/5/1985

Breed: German Shepherd

Owner: YOUNG L & H.

Breeder: Fuller Karl

Colour & Markings: Blk/Gld

Owner: YOUNG L & H.

Call Name: 


Medium size, medium strong dog of very good type and proportions. Very good head and expression. High withers, firm back, very good croup. Very good fore and hindquarter angulation. He moves sound front and rear and during movement displays a powerful ground covering gait and a firm back. Good temperament and gunsure.

Sieger Uran v Wildsteiger Land Sch H111 FH

Tall, powerful male of substance, with very good appearance and overall firmness. High withers, firm back and while well positioned the croup is sufficient length. Very good angulation of front and rear, correct front, and even chest proportions. Stepping straight in front and rear, he shows ground covering far reaching gait. Sound temperament, hardness, courage and fight drive pronounced. RS type in all aspects a balanced male. Does out

Irk v Arminius Sch H111 FH IP3

Pirol v Arminius Sch H111

Cliff v Haus Beck Sch H11

Quanto vd Wienerau Sch H11

Oase v Asterplatz SchH1

Olga v Trienzbachtal Sch H111

Ali v Katzenbuckel SchH3

Freya v Gretengrund SchH1

Dunja v Weilachtal Sch H111 FH

Bodo v Fichtental Sch H11

Bernd v Grossen Land

Asta v Silberwald

Rita v Kopenkamp Sch H11

Witz zd Sechs Fidelen

Cora v Kopenkamp

Palme v Wildsteiger Land Sch H11

Nick vd Wienerau Sch H111

Kuno v Weidtweg Sch H111

Jonny vd Rheinhalle SchH3

Ina v Klaemmle Sch H1

Flora v Koenigsbruch Sch H1

Canto vd Wienerau SchH2

Wilma vd Kisselschlucht Sch H1

Fina v Badsee Sch H111 FH

Veit v Haus Koder

Wala vd Sturmwolke Sch H11

Gundo v Klosterbogen SchH3 FH

Hera vd Sturmwolke Sch H1

Xitta v Kirschental Sch H111 HGH IP3 FH

Medium tall, medium strong, very typey, harmoniously built female with high withers, good line and croup. Very good angulation and chest proportions. Correct front, walks slightly narrow in the rear. Very fluid, ground covering gait with powerful push and free front reach. Hardness, courage and fight drive pronounced.

Italian Sieger Lasso di val Sole Sch H111

Quanto vd Wienerau Sch H11

Condor v Zollgrenzschutz Haus SchH3 FH

Condor v Schnapp SchH2

Carmen v Sixtberg SchH2

Yoga vd Wienerau

Lido vd Wienerau SchH3

Frigga v Asterplatz SchH1

Sara v Sonnenberg

Veus vd Silberbuche

Dago v Schloss Dahlhausen SchH3

Dolly v Sonnenberg

Dolly v Sonnenberg

Dago v Schloss Dahlhausen SchH3

Sara v Rat

Nimi v Kirschental HGH

Asslan v Klaemmle SchH3

Canto vd Wienerau SchH2

Hein v Koenigsbruch SchH2

Liane vd Wienerau SchH3

Zilly v Klammle

Isa v Kirschental HGH

Eros v Busecker Schloss SchH3

Mike v Bungalow SchH3

Seffe v Busecker Schloss

Zita v Kirschental

Dolf v Altenbachtal HGH

Blanka v Mummelsee HGH


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