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Vonehrlich Jazz ‘A’Z’ BSC.1

Vonehrlich Jazz ‘A”Z’

Sire  –Sieger/Gld Medal/Aus Ch. Dorsten Monte Cito ‘A’Z’ BSC.1

Dam –
Vonehrlich Maddie BSC.1 ‘A’Z’

Sieger/Gld Medal/Aus Ch. Dorsten Monte Cito

Large, strong, substantial dog of very good type. Displays good masculinity, very good proportions, stands correct in front. Moves straight front and rear. He has very good fore and hindquarter angulation with a firm back and unobjectionable croup. In movement displays very good ground covering gait. Final overall firmness yet to be achieved. Presented himself confident at survey and is gunsure.

Gold Medal Hasenway Putz

Condor v Arminius

Ulan v Adeloga Sch H111 FH

Mec v Arminius SchH3

Joga v Adeloga SchH2

Xandra v Arminius

Italian Sieger Lasso di val Sole Sch H111

Wilma vd Kisselschlucht Sch H1

Dina v Reststrauch

Argus v Aducht Sch H111

Argus v Klaemmle Sch H111

Hella v Eidechsbrunnen SchH1

Alfa v Reststrauch SchH2

Herzog v Adeloga Sch H111 FH

Ussa v Reststrauch Sch H111

Ambala Lovely Lady

Aus Ch/Sieger Edlenblut Orkan

Aust Ch Edlenblut Fedo

Fedo ad Schwarzen Zwinger Sch H111 IP3

Merkuri ad Schwarzen Zwinger

Brackenbrae Disco

Elan dell’Alta Quercia

Brackenbrae Jola

Vinberg Grey Nina

Dunmonaidh Junker

Elan v Michelstadter Rathaus

Dunmonaidh Branda

Aerokens Zenita

Hendrawens Sagittarius Of Aeroken

Aerokens Debonair

Vonehrlich Maddie BSC.1 ‘A’Z’

Large, strong bitch with correct proportions. High withers, firm bnack, well placed croup that could be slightly longer. Very good front angulations, correct hind angulations. Steps narrow rear, correct front. Far reaching movement where the back remains firm. Shows correct sequence of steps. Sound temperament.

Duel Sieger /Aus Ch/ Gold Medal Prima Zorba

Aust Ch Erntemond Gold Lancer

Rintilloch Rogue

Zambo v Koenigsbruch Sch H1

Masuta Petite Etoile Of Rintilloch

Dalta Vom Erntemond

Dunmonaidh Junker

Bena v Erntemond

Prima Tiffany

Alf vd Mark Brandenburg

Axel vd Hainsterbach Sch H111

Grit vd Frohlichen Morgensonne

Prima Nymph

Zambo v Koenigsbruch Sch H1

Winni vd Schonau

Pisa v Loherstein SchH1

Zaffo v Arminius

Xaro v Arminius Sch H111

Italian Sieger Lasso di val Sole Sch H111

Wilma vd Kisselschlucht Sch H1

Sana v Arminius

Arras v Gruber Holle

Xira v Trienzbachtal

Ines v Loher Stein

Zasko v Monchberg

Lauser v Adeloga SchH3

Betzi v Monchberg

Jana v Loher Stein

Boss v Amalienhof Sch H111 FH INT

Brixi v Loher Stein


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